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Fast - We pride ourselves on being able to deliver you fresh, high quality food at a speed that fits your busy lifestyle.

Fresh Roll was created to share our love of simple and

delicious food. Our chefs, Andy Nguyen and Andy Mai,

are two culinary veterans of Vietnamese food. Both

having experience in this cuisine not only from their own

families' recipes which have been passed down from

generation to generation, but also the from their extensive

travels back to Vietnam. Their mission was to bring authentic Vietnamese street food to a modern, fine dining setting.  Months of enhancing traditional recipes has culminated ​​into our menu which still changes to bring ​our customers the best we can offer. By combining vibrant colors, fresh flavors, and local ingredients, they want to show the heart of Vietnamese cuisine through their food. Fresh Roll takes the biggest dishes of Vietnamese food and brings our customers its delicious simplicity and healthy eating.


Fresh - We devote ourselves to using the best ingredients that we can find. All our food is made with fresh, organic, and local ingredients.



​600 SW 4th Ave Portland OR 97204



Healthy - Vietnamese food is the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle with its emphasis on fresh ingredients, heavy usage of vegetables, and being able to use simple herbs and spices to bring out maximum flavor.​

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Monday - Friday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sat - Sun temporarily closed


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​If you need to make a particularly large order, we do ask that you place the order in advance by about 24 hours. You can place orders over the phone or online at our website. Please note that all orders over $100 are subject to a 15% service fee. For any order that is over $200, please email to EatFreshRoll@hotmail.com.

We offer catering for any occasion, however we won't be able to deliver any food. We also ask that any catering orders be done well in advance of the even possible by at least a week. Please email us at EatFreshRoll@hotmail.com with the number of people you are trying to serve, the date, and what you have in mind to discuss all possible options.

Fresh, Great Tasting Food You Can Trust Made From the Highest Quality Ingredients.

Fresh Roll is a counter service restaurant so we do not provide reservations for seating. If you give us a call with a time you want to eat, we will do what we can to help.